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How to do tummy time with your baby

When you leave the hospital with your newborn, it’s recommended you put your baby to sleep on their back in a crib without any blankets, toys or pillows. But babies also need some tummy time to help strengthen their shoulders and abdominal muscles.

Every time you change their diaper, roll your baby over onto their tummy. Very young infants will need some help with positioning, so place your forearm across their bottom while applying gentle pressure. At the same time, use your hands to bring their forearms forward so that their elbows are in front of their shoulders for support. This technique will help the babies lift their heads more easily while strengthening their muscles.

Keep your baby in this position for about one minute to help encourage shoulder and abdominal development. Then, roll them gently over onto their back again to face you.

Watch the video to see this technique demonstrated.

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