Elevator buttons vs. toilets: which has more bacteria?

Which surface has more bacteria? Elevator buttons or toilets? - Infographic

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Which surface has more bacteria: elevator buttons or toilets?

Elevator buttons and toilet surfaces of 3 large urban hospitals were swabbed over the course of a year.

Number of surfaces swabbed: 120 elevator buttons and 96 toilet surfaces.

Samples were tested for several types of bacteria, including Staphylococcus and Coliform bacteria.

Of the 120 swabs taken from elevator buttons, 61% had bacterial colonization.

Meanwhile, only 43% of toilet surface swabs had bacterial colonization, much less than the elevator buttons.

The best defence? Clean your hands!

– Use something other than your hands, like your elbow or the end of a pen, to activate elevator buttons

– Use alcohol-based hand sanitizer

– In the winter, keep gloves on when making contact with commonly touched surfaces

– Practice good hand hygiene- clean your hands before and after touching commonly touched surfaces, especially when sick

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Sybil Millar

Sybil Millar

Sybil Millar is the Communications Advisor for the Ross Tilley Burn Centre, Critical Care and Infectious Diseases programs at Sunnybrook.

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