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Halloween fun in the NICU

You know when we said Thanksgiving was our favourite NICU holiday? We lied. Halloween is our favourite holiday – or at least it was today.

A week ago, we had a costume-making day, and we were blown away by the inventiveness of our families. Exhibit A:  Look at what this creative mom was able to do for her daughter with some tulle and ribbon! She made a beautiful ballerina outfit in less time that it takes most of us to button our coats.

And then today we went through the unit and took photos of babies in costumes. We had superheroes, teddy bears, and lots of pumpkins.  Some of our parents got into the spirit of things too! Here we have Mom, a baby Turtle, and Elvis.

But baby Turtle didn’t have all the fun. Her sister baby Ladybug got into the action too, along with a proud and crafty grandma who is a genius crocheter. (Is crocheter even a word? Whatever it is, she’s very good at it.)
We also just have to share this photo of a little princess and her proud mother with you.  The princess doesn’t look too excited, but the smile on her mom’s face says it all.

Of course, it takes a lot of work to make this happen, and we have to say thank you to Rob who came in on his day off to take the photos. We couldn’t have done this without you! And thanks too to Evelina who stayed late as well to lend a hand (and took gorgeous photos as well). Who knew we had such talented staff? And, as always, thanks to all the nurses who helped out by getting their wee patients into the littlest of costumes. You made this first Halloween special for many families, and we love you for it.

Happy Halloween everyone! BOO!

All photos used with permission.

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