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Happy Halloween!

So we’ve been running around, eating candy and taking pictures all day, and as a result can’t really put words together. But we do have pictures for you!

First … a cake! Do you remember Turtle and Ladybug from last year? Their sweet parents came by and brought a cake for us all to enjoy.

 halloween 033

Thank you so much for that!

halloween 033Now, nothing against turtle costumes, but for some reason the ladybug inspired quite a few parents this year to create their own versions. For example …

halloween 056


(And please note that this sweet little bunny did such a good job growing that she actually outgrew her ladybug shell which her lovely mother had made for her only one week before. Well done!)

And here’s another beautiful example …

halloween 007


Then we had a pumpkin …

halloween 044

a pumpkin and his monkey brother …

halloween 018

and a wee little ghost (who refused to wake up for his photo opp.)

halloween 030

Of COURSE we had superheroes (because our NICU is always full of them, whether they were capes or not. Some of them wear diapers, and some of them wear scrubs).  Here’s one with his lovely family …


halloween 026

And here’s another (you caught a sneak preview of his cape last week).

halloween 010

Last but not least we had quite a few graduates visit today, which always brings us so much joy. The Hulk came, and so did his little brother (who was a pony … we think??)

Ladybug and Turtle have graduated to big kid costumes ….


and we had a few other big pumpkins and goblins wandering around.   We also had a very recent graduate come by to visit, and we were so excited to see her! Mom made the beautiful tutu and headband ensemble two weeks ago in our Halloween craft group. Very talented!


Thank you to everyone who helped today, to the families who shared their photos, to the staff who made it all possible. We now feel kind of like this …

halloween 051

so we will say good night to you all. Have a safe and happy Halloween, and remember there’s no rush to eat all the candy!

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