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Nurses: our teachers, friends, and champions

It’s Nursing Week, which means we have a wonderful opportunity to talk about and say thanks to one of our favourite groups of people!

Nurses are experts, caregivers, guides, confidantes, champions, advocates, teachers, emotional rocks, and friends. In our comments box this morning, there was a lovely letter from a family who wanted everyone to know that the nurse who had looked after their baby was “an angel without wings”. We have quite a few wingless angels working here.

So, to all of our nurses, here are some messages that have been sent in or posted by families this week.

“Happy Nurses Week to the lovely staff at Sunnybrook NICU. Thank you for all that you do for our precious gifts.”

“To the staff at Sunnybrook: not a day goes by that I am not thankful for all the love and care you gave to our son and our family … thanks to the entire team of loving, caring staff. You are never forgotten.”

“Nurses are the best. They always know what to say and how to make me feel better.”

‘Thank you for your dedication and commitment. You turned what could have been a terrible experience into a wonderful one.”

“The nurses here, every last one, have been just wonderful. We feel very lucky.”

“The nurses are so gentle and sensitive. They took care of us all so well.”

“We know it’s a busy hospital, but we were made to feel like the only family there. Amazing! We don’t know how you do it, but we are very grateful.”

“Whoa – where would our babies be without the nurses at Sunnybrook! Words cannot explain the kindness and care they gave my son and what gratitude I have for them! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!”

“Happy nurses week and a huge thanks for all the loving care you gave to my son and to our family!”

“I want to start by saying THANK YOU to our primary nurses, our best teachers. And THANK YOU to all the nurses and RTs who took care of both my son and myself, day and night. I’ve learned a lot from each and every nurse and I’ve asked if they have special training to deal with parents under pain and suffering and stress and they just don’t have any special training for that, they are just AMAZING, SPECIAL AND CARING PEOPLE. I love them very much.

“Happy nurses week to all of the wonderful and caring nurses at the NICU. The way they took care of our son was amazing and I can’t believe how good they are at their jobs but I would also like to thank them for helping us (crazy and emotional) get through the hardest time of our lives. Thank you so much.”

From all of your patients, families, colleagues, and friends … thank you! We love you and all that you do.

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  • Without the NICU Nurses, my almost 6 month stay with my twins (born at 23w 5d) would have been much worse. They are so calming and gentle and strong! While you were fighting for my daughters, you were also missing your own families! I will be forever greatful to each of you who took time away from your own families to help mine! xoxo