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Drowning Prevention

There is nothing that cools the sun-soaked body better than a dip in the pool, lake, or river. While most water-related activities occur without incident, according to the Lifesaving Society’s Ontario Drowning Report (2009), almost 500 Canadians die every year in water-related incidents, and Ontario accounts for 33% (164).

Children are particularly vulnerable around water and require increased supervision at all times near any body of water. Drowning can occur in as little as 10 seconds and you should not expect to hear any thrashing or yells from the victim.

There are many tips for drowning prevention and visiting the Toronto Area Safety Coalition website is a great start (http://www.injuriesarepreventable.com/). The most important tip is simple: everyone should learn to swim. Looking for a gift for a loved one? How about swim lessons? Enroll your children or any non-swimming loved one in a certified swim program today.

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