Ounce of Prevention

Watch your pizza in the microwave, please

Working here in a hospital setting we are quite used to hearing all sorts of codes being announced on the PA system. But weren’t we surprised today when the code red, yep, the one for fire, came from our wing and our floor. Stepping out in to the hall we could actually see some smoke from the far end. We are located right next to the communal kitchen so we knew the smoke wasn’t coming from there. People started milling about and soon enough security arrived followed not to soon after by Toronto Fire. The smoke started to make its way down the hall and it had an awful burnt toast smell to it. Seems the culprit was somebody reheating their pizza in the microwave. I mean really, how long do you have to cook your pizza to set off the fire alarm??

In any event, this was a good reminder that not all alarms are false. Keep vigilant at work and at home and always listen to the codes.

Smoke is never a good thing so when you see it or smell it pay attention and call for help.

Lastly, and for the sake of of us all, please be careful about the numbers you punch into your microwave. Better yet, don’t leave your food unattended on the stove, in the microwave or the toaster. The difference between 2 minutes and 20 minutes could mean a nice meal or a potential fire.

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