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8 ways to avoid heat stroke this summer

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Monica Matys
Written by Monica Matys

As scorching weather and heat waves hit, emergency rooms see a spike in heat-related illnesses. Among those include heat stroke, a very serious medical condition putting you at risk for potentially fatal consequences.

Those most at risk for heat stroke include infants, the elderly, and athletes. It is important to be aware of heat stroke symptoms, which include: nausea, high body temperature, alteration in sweating, rapid heartbeat and rapid breathing.

Heat stroke is a medical emergency. If you think someone is suffering from heat stroke, call 911 immediately.

Heat stroke is a dangerous condition, but luckily, a preventable one. This summer, do your part in preventing heat stroke by following the tips below:

Preventing Heat Stroke
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Preventing Heat Stroke

  • Drink cool fluids and avoid alcohol
  • Avoid heavy exertion midday
  • Protect against sunburn
  • Wear loose and light clothing
  • Never leave anyone in a parked car
  • Stay in a cool environment
  • Take precautions with certain drugs
  • Take a cool shower or bath

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