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Spring tip: Prevent falls by going slow on slippery sidewalks

The spring-like weather has finally put some spring in my step. But daytime sun and milder temperatures mean melting snow – and icy sidewalks when the temperature dips back down below zero in the evening or overnight.

I’ve had a few near misses while skipping to the bus stop on slippery sidewalks! (And I’ve seen a few other pedestrians go down!)

Here are some tips from our physiotherapists to prevent falls when out and about before spring truly gets to town:

Take it slow.451820205

Take shorter steps and plant your feet deliberatively. Keep your arms slightly out to side help your balance.

Eyes on the road.

Watch where you are stepping. (This one is tricky for me because I want to keep my face in the sunshine!)

Salt it.

Don’t put your road salt away just yet. Salt or cat litter on stairs/walkways/driveways is good idea.

Need a hand?

Be sure to use hand rails when going up & down stairs. And, be sure to use your cane, walker or other assistive devices (like your eye glasses, which help with balance) And wear shoes with good treads!

It’s great to get outside now that winter is on her way out! Just be careful.

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Alexis Dobranowski

Alexis Dobranowski is a Communications Advisor at Sunnybrook.