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Day in the Life of Medical Resident: Final webisode

Last September, first-year medical resident Dr. Tiffany Florindo let us in on a secret: she was freaking out.

“Am I going to be the worst resident in the history of residents?” Tiffany said as she started out her residency in Sunnybrook’s family practice unit.

Tiffany was one of the 4,000 students who come to Sunnybrook to learn each year. She let us join in her journey. Throughout the year, Tiffany met with videographer Monica Matys to document her story.

Now, as she starts her tenure as chief medical resident of the family practice unit, we say goodbye to Tiffany. (Though, maybe she will check in with us here and there, we hope!)

Tiffany says she learned a lot in the past year.

“I’ve learned so much about myself, and about patients and people in general,” she said. “I’ve learned it’s OK to feel something for your patients. It’s OK to connect with them, to not be a stone-faced person around them.”

She said she’s enjoyed being part of the web series to allow others to see what being a resident is like.

“I really hope you’ve all been able to see what it’s been like going through this process. And thank you for going through this process with me. I’ve learned that I’m doing what I love.”

Have a look at Tiffany’s final webisode below.

What do you think? Did you learn from Tiffany? What major lesson did you learn in your first year of residency?




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