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Mental Health Issues: Are trainees taught enough?

Today is #BellLetsTalk Day, so a short post and some reading for you all.

In a candid post on, University of Western Ontario medical student Ryan Herriot, discusses his experiences in dealing with patients with addictions.

“This dark, knee-jerk response consists of an overwhelming feeling of disgust for someone who is slowly killing themselves with alcohol or other substances.  I must sheepishly admit that it is an emotion I have experienced often enough.  Sometimes, it is only after taking a deep breath and focussing on the facts, that I can slowly find my way to back to a place of healing and empathy.   In these moments, I must say to myself: “This is a person with an illness. They are experiencing the symptoms of that illness and their ability to choose freely has been severely impaired by biology and social circumstance.””

Part of the problem, Herriot says, is med schools don’t focus enough attention on these topics, particularly addiction. 

Do you think trainees – medical and others – are given the tools for treating patients with addictions and other mental health issues? 

Read the whole post here.

Check out the Sunnybrook Media Mental Health Playlist – lots of great videos featuring our staff, patients and their families, and highlighting the latest research.

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