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June is Bike Month!

Cycling is sustainable and healthy! You already knew that.

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We’ve all know how great cycling is, but sometimes we need that little extra push to dig that bike out of winter storage, tune it up and get riding.
Tuesday June 4th, Sunnybrook kicked off Bike Month with “Bike to Work Day” sponsored by Smart Commute NTV. This was just the thing I needed to kick me into gear for the season. I had been thinking all spring about giving biking to work a try but there were many excuses to keep me from changing up my normal routine. As I rode in to work, wind blowing through my hair, I was so happy because it was much easier than I had expected. I should note that I live pretty close to work so my ride in is only 15 minutes, but I was initially worried about traffic, big hills and needing to find a shower at work.  Talking to Sunnybrook’s cycling commuters, I learned that many of you are cycling 45 -60 minutes into work and loving it.
I also picked up a Toronto bike trails map and now I am excited to get out and explore more of the city. Now that I know that I can do it there are no excuses holding me back. Time to reap the benefits of biking.
For those who could use a reminder, here’s a fun visual I found showing the many benefits of biking:
biking is better - infographic
And on top of all that it’s good for your brain too! In the spring issue of Sunnybrook Magazine there is a great article about Sunnybrook Doctors Goldstien and MacIntosh who are currently studying the effects of cycling on teens with bipolar disorder and how exercise does positive things for the brain and body.
Sometimes knowing all the good reasons just isn’t enough to get us to change our routines, so find that “extra push” you need to just do it. Maybe attend a bike month event or plan a trail ride with some friends.

Make a plan to get on your bike:

City of Toronto Bike Month Events

Top Toronto Bike Paths:

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Laura Berndt

Laura Berndt (Hough) is the Manager of Energy & Sustainability in Plant Operations at Sunnybrook.

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  • It would be great to see you encouraging our colleagues to wear helmets when they ride! Sunnybrook is one of Canada’s largest trauma centres and we admit many critically ill patients with severe head injuries – many of them cyclists who were not wearing helmets. Even if you are a safe cyclist it doesn’t protect you from unsafe drivers!