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3 easy ways to better nutrition

Three tips for better nutrition - infographic
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3 tips for better nutrition

1. Plan a menu and stick with it!

Get the whole family involved in planning healthy meals. Be sure to include your kids’ ideas to set good habits early in life.  Making a menu can help save money in groceries, reduce food waste by planning to use up leftovers, and provide a good overview of what you are eating.

2. Shop smarter

Save money on groceries by sticking to your list. Spend most of your time in the perimeter of the store (where the fresh stuff is!) Don’t go to the store hungry! Bring the kids and make shopping a family affair.

3. Sit down to eat

Studies suggest lots of benefits to sitting down and having dinner – happier kids, better food choices and chatting about your days can be great for a family. If you live alone, stopping to prepare a meal and sitting down to enjoy it can have many benefits.


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