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Cravings on your commute? Snack now. Feel good later.

Cravings during your commute? Snack now. Feel good later. - Infographic



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Cravings on your commute? Don’t get hangry. Plan a healthy snack.

Instead of hitting a drive-thru or battling traffic with a growling tummy (which tends to make anger levels rise) enjoy a healthy snack before you set out on your way home.


7 snacks to try before your commute (not all at once)

Fresh Fruit


Cheese and crackers

Seed or nut bar

Whole grain granola or cereal bar

Plain popcorn

Veggies and dip

Quench Your Thirst

Before you get in the car, on the bus or start your walk home – hydrate! Staying hydrated can help you feel energized! Best picks: water. Green, black or herbal tea. Decaf latte. Don’t add sugar!

Having a healthy snack before your commute home can help you get there in a better mood and also help you avoid overeating when you walk in the door.

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