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New messaging system Chat Bot allows for easier appointment bookings

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Preparing for surgery is just a click away, thanks to a new messaging system at Sunnybrook. Chat Bot empowers patients to book their own pre-anesthesia appointments online, up to two weeks in advance.

These appointments are important to check a patient’s overall health before heading into the operating room, says Ellie Lee, patient care manager, OR and related services.

“With Chat Bot, patients no longer have to wait for a phone call to schedule their appointment, which streamlines the process and reduces their stress,” says Lee. “Instead, patients get a code through secure text message or e-mail, and once they enter it, they can choose the best date for them.”

The automated system does more than save time; it lets patients know what to bring and what to expect at their appointment. If patients have questions or require follow-up, they can share those details with Chat Bot, and a Sunnybrook scheduling clerk will call them.

About 40 per cent of pre-surgical patients are using Chat Bot, and the system should soon expand to other areas of Sunnybrook. Says Lee: “It’s all about improving the patient experience.”

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Monica Matys

Monica Matys is a Communications Advisor at Sunnybrook.

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