Sunnybrook Magazine - Spring 2016

Your hospital, your say

If you’ve ever wanted to voice your opinion, Sunnybrook wants to hear from you. As part of the hospital’s unique Patient Engagement Strategy, members of the community can cast their votes on a series of interesting poll topics. Results are shared with the hospital’s senior leadership team and help inform the decisions around a number of hospital-wide strategies. To date, the polls – available on Sunnybrook’s homepage and through its social media channels – have yielded hundreds of responses. If you haven’t yet, now’s the perfect time to throw in your two cents!




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Should visiting hours remain the same, be open 24-7 or be extended by a few hours?

  • 59% said stay the same (between 8 a.m. & 10 p.m.)
    • “Patients need sleep at night. They need the rest”
    • “Should be up to the patient”
  • 33% be open 24-7
    • “For family members and direct caregivers (who should not be considered visitors), there should be no limits. They should be seen as members of the care team.
  • 8% extend by a few hours
    • “Family demands are many. Huge stress on families with sick loved ones. The extended time helps”

Should Sunnybrook play music in the Emergency Department?

  • 70% said yes
    • “Playing music has the potential to support the psychological well-being of patients and improve overall experience
  • 20% said no
    • “For those who are hearing impaired, sound makes it harder to understand someone speaking to you”
  • 10% said it depends on the type of music played