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Hitting the books? Avoid muscle strain

It’s time to hit the books! Here are 5 tips to help you avoid muscle strain, pain and aches throughout the school year!

  1. Use a supportive chair when sitting for an extended period of time. Sit with your back firmly against the chair
  2. If reading from a textbook on a table, it’s helpful to have it propped up. Prop it on another book, so that the neck doesn’t have to bend as much
  3. Take frequent breaks. Even the most ideal position should be changed periodically. This is especially important when using the computer (desk top or laptop) or mobile device.
  4. When using tablet for prolonged periods, try to have it supported on something, for instance a tablet stand. If using it away from desk and seated, use some cushions on your lap to support your arms.
  5. Stretch muscles that are getting sore or cramped from prolonged positions or repetitive computer work. Take a few deep breaths and then try the following stretches:
  • Roll shoulders forward and back;
  • Turn neck from side to side;
  • Bend and straighten wrist; open and close the hand.

Protect your neck: avoid aches and pains when hitting the books!

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Joanne Dorion

Joanne Dorian is a physiotherapist.

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