Meet 94-year-old veteran Wally Loucks

Wally Loucks was born on August 19, 1922 in Beaverton, Ontario and grew up on the Hiawatha First Nation Reserve near Peterborough, Ontario. In February 1941, he came to Toronto and enlisted in the Royal Canadian Air Force.

He began his training at Manning Depot in Toronto with the No. 1 equipment depot on guard duty.  Next, he was sent to Guelph University to train as a wireless operator and last he travelled to Paulson, Manitoba for an air gunnery course.

In September of 1943, Wally was shipped overseas and crewed up with 419 “Moose” Squadron in England to fly in bombing operations against Germany.  He successfully completed an eventful tour of operations with an all Canadian crew.

In June 1945, following the war, Wally returned to Toronto and began working in the hardware business. In 1972, he started his own business, A-Z Technical Building Systems Inc. Later this month Wally will celebrate his 95 birthday.

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