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Top 3 tips for maintaining mental health

Top 3 tips for maintaining mental health

Taking steps to take care of your mental health can help boost your mood and positively impact your overall health. Here are some tips that can help with some practice and consistency over time.

Tip 1: Exercise

Regular physical exercise helps maintain mental health and boost our mood. In fact, regular moderate physical exercise has been studied and included in our psychiatry guidelines as an approach to help treat depression.

Tip 2: Sleep

Good sleep habits can help improve our mood and prevent mental illness. One third of our lives is spent sleeping, so learning good sleep habits is definitely worthwhile.

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Tip 3: Balanced Thinking

We can change our mood by changing how we think. If we notice we are having all or nothing thinking (for example,  “nothing goes my way”, or, “no one likes me”), practice making those thoughts more balanced by seeing the other side of things (“some things don’t work out for me but other things do”, or, “some people like me while others don’t like me”).

This is a key component of cognitive behavioural therapy and can actually help us start to change our moods to become less depressed or anxious and more positive and balanced.


Bonus Tip: Learn more about a relaxation technique called “Box-breathing.

About the author

Dr. Joanna Mansfield

Dr. Joanna Mansfield is a psychiatrist at Sunnybrook’s Women’s Mood & Anxiety Clinic, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Clinic and General Psychiatry Clinic and teaches medical residents in psychiatry at the University of Toronto.