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What is a Virtual Hearing Care Service?

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Written by Jennifer Palisoc

Did you know that you can get your hearing aids checked and adjusted remotely?

Ricky Chow, Sunnybrook audiologist, explains how the virtual hearing care service can help patients.

What is the Virtual Hearing Care Service?

The Virtual Hearing Care service is available to patients with hearing aids and a smart phone. The benefit is that, through this virtual service, patients can have the convenience of having their hearing aids checked and adjusted remotely.

How does it work?

Once the patient has been fitted with hearing aids, their audiologist can make any further adjustments to the devices over the internet.

The patient will need to connect the hearing aids to their smart phone using an app provided by the hearing aid manufacturer. The audiologist will help the patient with set up before their first virtual appointment.

If a patient needs to have adjustments made to their hearing aids, they can either come in-person or opt for virtual care instead. If they opt for virtual, we would “call” them through the manufacturer’s app, and the patient would be in a video call with the audiologist.

The audiologist will make whatever changes are necessary while talking to the patient. The new adjustments will be noticed almost instantly. Once the patient is satisfied with the settings, the hearing aids are updated, and the call is disconnected.

Who is eligible?

Patients who are interested and have a smartphone are eligible for the Virtual Hearing Service. Please check with your audiologist regarding compatibility.

How do they sign up? Is a referral needed?

The audiologist will mention this service being available, and the patient can choose to decline or consent. The patient has the option of coming in-person if they choose to. A referral is not required.

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