Inside the NICU

Love, grief and beauty in our Butterfly Garden

Every year, on the second Sunday of September, Sunnybrook’s Women and Babies Program holds a special remembrance ceremony. Families gather in our Butterfly Garden to honour those babies who may not have made it home from the hospital, but who are forever held in our hearts.


Our Butterfly Tree. Each butterfly was placed by a family or
staff member to honour a baby

We are so grateful to everyone who made today’s ceremony so special.

To Wendy, Maureen and Sonia, our lovely readers … thank you!

To Rebecca who shared her glorious voice with us …  we feel so fortunate that you were able to join us today. Your gift was greatly appreciated.

To Helen who cobbled together the most elaborate extension cord arrangement ever, and so as a result was able to offer us beautiful, healing music … thank you! You are a MacGyver and a musician.

To Kasia who pulled so many pieces together … your dedication and your hard work is wonderful.

To Rohan and his gardeners … your love for your work and your kindness gave us a beautiful place to hold our ceremony. Thank you!

To Anke, who with her kind serenity presides over everything and makes it all feel so healing and beautiful, we are so grateful to you for all that you do for us and for our families.

And to all the families and staff members who came … thank you so much! We hope that you found it a healing and helpful experience, and we welcome you back any time.

Many of you mentioned how much you loved the poem Sonia read. Here it is. If anyone knows the author please let us know!

These are my footprints

So perfect and so small

These tiny footprints

Never touched the ground at all.

Not one tiny footprint,

For now I have wings.

These tiny footprints were meant for other things.

You will hear my tiny footprints,

In the pattern of the rain.

Gentle drops like angel’s tears,

Of joy and not from pain.

You will see my tiny footprints,

In each butterfly’s lazy dance.

I’ll let you know I’m with you,

If you give me the chance.

You will see my tiny footprints,

In the rustle of the leaves.

I will whisper names into the wind,

And call each one that grieves.

Most of all, these tiny footprints,

Are found on Mommy and Daddy’s hearts.

‘Cause even though I’m gone now,

We’ll never truly part.

-author unknown.

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