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Monthly tips for healthy eating

March is Nutrition Month. Let’s keep working toward our healthy eating goals all year long!

Dietitian Daphna Steinberg has some month-by-month tips to keep us on track. Check out a printable version below (I put one on my fridge for a good and healthy reminder!)

January – Keep a food diary to help you stay honest about what you are eating.

February – Sweet tooth? Enjoy a square or two of chocolate as a treat. Dark chocolate is best. (Share a bar with a friend).

March – Plan your meals and eat with your children to set good habits early in life.

April – What’s your salt intake? Aim for less than 2000mg a day

May – Add one extra fresh vegetable to each dinner! Check Foodland Ontario’s Availability Guide for what’s in season. Be sure to wash produce thoroughly before eating.

June – Practice mindful eating habits to prevent overeating. Make the dinner table a no-phone zone and try to eat slower.

July – Stay hydrated in warm weather, especially if you are being active outside. Choose calorie-free drinks, like water!

August – Hitting a patio for dinner? Don’t starve yourself all day. Eat a healthy snack to avoid overeating when you get to the restaurant.

September – Check out local fall markets and try harvest veggies that have been grown close to home.

October –Don’t overbuy Hallowe’en candy (and reduce your risk of eating all the leftovers!)

November – Give your breakfast a boost this month. Include protein in your morning meal. Did you know a boiled egg has about 6 grams of protein? Other good sources include cottage cheese and peanut butter.

December – Holiday party time! Be sure to have a healthy snack before you hit the party. This will help prevent you from stopping by the food table and staying there all night!

Monthly nutrition goals/tips - infographic


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