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It’s pedicure season. Tips for pampering your feet safely

Older woman putting shoes on

It can be a challenge as you get older, to reach your feet.

Nicholas Durand, D.Pod.M., foot specialist at the Sunnybrook Centre for Independent Living (SCIL), says that people with circulation issues from stroke, heart disease, and diabetes to name a few, are especially at risk of issues including infections, if their feet are neglected.

Self-treatment with corn removal plasters and blades can often make simple problems much worse!

So what to do?

Use a reputable service

Person getting a pedicure

If you choose to get a pedicure, use a service that you have had a positive experience with before, or one that comes recommended from a trusted source.

Use a service with good hygiene practices

Person washing hands

Use a pedicure service that practices good hygiene (frequent hand-washing, wiping down of surfaces, disinfecting of instruments).

Pack your bag

Pedicure tools

Take along your own dedicated, cleaned instruments.

Say no to sharp tools

Foot massage

Make sure the pedicure service does not use sharp instruments or dig at your nails or feet.

Time to see a medical professional?


If you experience foot or leg pain, pain in the calf when walking, swelling in the leg and foot, or see sudden colour changes in the foot, or have a sensation of coldness, it may be best to see a registered chiropodist or podiatrist. These medically trained practitioners identify, treat and manage safely and cleanly, simple to complex foot conditions.

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